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Shared apartments

An international student atmosphere

Shared apartments

The shared apartments welcome students from all over the world all year round.

Your room will be single and the dining room, kitchen and bathroom will be shared with the other tenants.


Rooms: Apartments for 2, 3 or 4 people, with single rooms and access to common areas (dining room, kitchen and bathroom).

Meal plan: Self catering there are many shops within a few minutes? walk from the apartments.

Location: Maximum 15 minutes by foot or public transport to the school.

Minimum age: 18.

Transfers: You will make your own way to the apartment. You will receive detailed information on how to get there by bus or tramway. The owner of the apartment can also pick you up.

On arrival: Arrival on Sundays from noon. Please respect arrival times.

Prior to Arrival

2-3 weeks prior to arrival we will provide you with detailed information about your accommodation. All address and contact details will be given as well as information on accommodation.

During your stay

The school's accommodation officer will be there for you during your stay to guide you or help you with any question regarding your accommodation.

End of stay

Departure on Saturday mornings.